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Full Mechanical Service

We can perform car servicing to your requirements. Our Auto-Tech trained mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service and repair across all makes and models of motor vehicles.

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Battery Check & Replacement

Testing, exchange and disposal of all car batteries. A faulty or flat battery is one of the top causes of vehicle breakdowns. to get you back on the road as soon as possible.“We also dispose of your batteries in an eco-friendly way.”

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Brake & Clutch Service

Includes System Checks, Machining of Discs, Drums & Flywheel. Brake shoe & pad replacement, Clutch overhaul & Hydraulic repairs. Brake & Clutch Service offers a range of services for your vehicle, particularly specialising in brakes and clutches. Bundaberg’s brake and clutch specialists offer their services to a […]

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