Abin Batootah

Electrical Works

We undertake all type of Electrical HV & LV work installation and maintenance such as:

  • Complete Electrical installation & maintenance for high rise commercial & residential building, hotels, industrial complexes, warehouse, luxury villa, shop, Airport etc.
  • Supply installation & maintenance of diesel generation station including, auto transformer, Switche’s L.V Switchgear, Motor control centers & specialized panels.
  • Street lighting installation & maintenance.
  • H.V / L.V Cabling.
  • Erection & Commissioning and maintenance of electrical substation, L.V switchgear, Transformer & M.V switchgear.
  • Lightning protection, Earthing Work.
  • Dimming / lighting Control for residential & commercial project.

Ac Units Fixing Works

We deal operation maintenance, supply & installation of the following categories:

  • Air Conditioning equipment installation.
  • Ducting installation.
  • Split & package unit.
  • Coold storage ,Ceiling type ,Wall mountain.
  • Copper pipes black steel pipes , PVC pipe and fitting
  • Pipe support and hangers.

Plumbing works

  1. Supply and installation of PPR Piping HPVC piping system for water supply approved from DEWA.
  2. Supply and installation of UPVC piping system for drainage work approved from DEWA.
  3. Installation of all type sanitary ware included water tank and water heater.
  4. Manhole & Piping work.


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